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Holiday Hop - a fun way to shop!

Friday & Saturday
Nov. 30 - Dec. 1

Ask the winners of this summer's "ShopHop" - - it's a great time!  And not just for the winners!  Free giveaways, refreshments, special deals, new charms. Plus the fun of meeting your friends and neighbors as you visit each of your favorite local merchants.

This Holiday Hop will feature three Grand Prizes, gifts certificates and gifts equaling
and    $325!

Smyrna, Georgia's first, fun, free

How do you participate?
  • Pick up your free Holiday Hop "passport" from one of the stores
  • Get it "stamped" at all 13 locations
  • Enjoy the various fun things offered, different at each location: special Holiday Hop discounts, refreshments, charms with purchase, and freebie surprises
  • Get your name entered to win Grand Prize, Second Prize or Third Prize to be announced Saturday night

Details below:
>> What is a shop-hop?
>> Participating stores
>> What you can win
>> Grand prize award
>> How to shop-hop Smyrna

>> What is a Holiday Hop (or Shop Hop)?

A fun competition where local folks travel to each participating "Holiday Hop" store, in order to be entered to win prizes and do holiday shopping locally.  It's free and fun - and a great way to get to know your community small businesses (and receive freebies, discounts, and refreshments).

Instructions and details of how to shop-hop are below.  Or stop at one of the 13 shops and pick up your own "Passport," to get ready to hop!

Along the way, we hope you get to see and meet other contestants, get to know your friendly local businesses, and find the perfect gifts for your holiday shopping!

>> Who are the Participating Shops?

Your Holiday Hop Passport will have a map route to follow and the addresses of each spot. You can visit them in whatever order you like, but you must visit each of the stores and get your passport stamped at every stop. The shops are:

     the Bird and the Bee
     Floral Creations Florist
     Heart & Sole
     the Honeybee
     Jonquil Sporting Goods
     Love Street
     Marshmallow Dream
     McEntyre's Bakery
     Rev Coffee
     Suzigooch Jewelry
     Vickery Hardware
     Wallpaper & Stuff

(Their addresses and more about them are below.)

>> What can you win?
The Grand Prize for 2012's Holiday Hop is $1,300 in shops' gift cards and certificates. Second ($650) and third prizes ($325) will also be awarded. The drawing will take place Saturday after all the Passports are turned in at six p.m.  To be eligible, Passports must have each of the stores' stamps on them.

Along the way, though, you also "win" just by visiting the shops - collect each of the fun "charms," get other freebies and discounts, and enjoy refreshments and conversation!  Plus - get your holiday shopping done - with fun!

>> How to shop-hop Smyrna's Holiday Hop?

1. Pick up a Smyrna Holiday Hop Passport. You can get a Passport from any of the 13 participating shops either on that Friday or Saturday. We give you two days to complete the "Hop!" You can pick up the passport in advance as well, but the official stamping is done on Friday and until six p.m. on Saturday.

2. Map out your route. Your passport will list the names and addresses of all the stores you must make it to, and will show a general route/map you might want to follow. You can visit the stores in any order you like - start anywhere (pick up your passport anywhere) and end any where (turn in your completed passport at any of the shops). The route is also below, if you want to plan in advance! 

3. Start Hopping!  Visit each of the stores between Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st - - you can do it in one day, if you like. At each shop, get your passport stamped with that store's special Passport Stamp. Purchases are not necessary. But while you're hopping, take time to look around, enjoy some refreshments, take advantage of freebies and discounts and get to know your other contestants and shop owners. And find perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

 4. Prepare to be charmed.  When you visit each location, if you make purchases of at least $10, you'll get a special holiday charm related to that shop! (You can also purchase the charm directly for $3.) Collect them all for a special Smyrna-specific charm bracelet and sport them around town to celebrate our town - and to brag that you made it through the Holiday Hop in one piece!   (Nest will be selling charm bracelets if you don't have one yet.)     

5. Fill up your Passport! To be entered to win any of the big prizes, your Passport needs to sport the stamp of each of the shops.  

6. Turn in your Passport! You can turn in your (completed!) passport at any of the locations. But it needs to be turned in by 6 pm on Saturday. If you finish early - great! - you can turn it in any time. (Note: McEntyre's closes at 5, so be sure to get your stamp from then before then!)

7. Hopefully, Win! The drawing from among completed Passports will happen Saturday night and you'll be called (be sure your contact info is correct!) that evening. Winners' names will be posted on this site as well. 

Holiday Charms
Pick up a free holiday charm  from each of the shops when you spend at least $10 with them.  (Or you can buy the charms themselves for $3 each.)  Collect them all - - or add them to your collection from last summer's Shop Hop!  Nest will be selling bracelets, if you don't have your own already.


** You must be 16 to enter the Grand Prize drawings, but people of any age can enjoy "hopping"!

** One Passport per participant, please. Also, you must get it stamped in person and not before the Holiday Hop begins.


Vickery Hardware
881 Concord Road, Smyrna GA
(770) 435-4567
Hometown hardware store where customer service is not a department but an attitude!
Find us at

Floral Creations Florist
3308 South Cobb Drive Southeast Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 433-0621
Smyrna's local florist creating a lasting impression in floral design since 1980.

Heart & Sole Boutique 
1275 Concord Rd, Smyrna, GA
(678) 238-0130
Unique clothing, creative jewelry, one-of-a-kind shoes
Find us at

the honeybee 
2968 Atlanta Road, Smyrna GA
(770) 432-5120
Historic home houses the best in unique art, jewelry, clothing, accessories & gifts
Find us at

Jonquil Sporting Goods 
1848 Spring Road, Smyrna, GA

(770) 432-1194
Personal service and the best in team & individual equipment & apparel
Find us at

Love Street Gifts and Gardens 
1295 Concord Road, Smyrna, GA
(770) 434-8578
Fresh gifts: local artists, best brands, one-of-a-kind treasures
Find us at
Marshmallow Dream Monogram Studio 
1326-B Concord Road, Smyrna GA
(770) 405-8777
Luxurious gifts for your little ones, on-site personalization embroidery studio.
Find us at

McEntyre's Bakery 
1184 Concord Road, Smyrna GA
(770) 434-3115
Fifty years of hometown goodness: deli, party trays, cakes, pies, fresh daily specials
Find us at

Nest Home & Garden 
762 Concord Road, Smyrna GA
(in Dickson Shopping Center)
Three fabulous floors of fashion, high-end consignment, jewelry, baby gifts, art gallery
Find us at

Rev Coffee 
1680-B Spring Road, Smyrna GA
(770) 573-4434
Community-centric coffee & events: independently owned with world-class taste
Find us at

Suzigooch Jewlery 
 762 Concord Road, Smyrna GA
(below Nest) 
Independent artisan & jeweler, goldsmith since 1979, stone setter and engraver
Contact us at   

the bird & the bee
2968 Atlanta Road, Smyrna GA

(678) 306-1149

Home and garden.
Find us at

Wallpaper & Stuff
1184 Concord Road #3, Smyrna GA

(770) 434-1121

Wallcoverings, window treatments and design

Find us at

___________ Press and inquiries to smyrnashophop@gmail.com__________

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